Smoking fan at Bama-LSU game shares her side of the story

(WBRC) –

It was last weekend when the video of an Alabama football fan smoking at Bryant-Denny Stadium went viral. But now the woman behind the cigarette is speaking out about her side of the story.

Sherree Brush was watching the Alabama-LSU game when a police officer asked her to extinguish her cigarette – there is a no smoking policy at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Brush insists that she was trying to give the cigarette to the police officer when the officer grabbed her and dragged her torward the aisle.

Brush says that she hurt her hip and her head, was put on a stretcher and flown to Thomas Hospital in Fairhope.

“I’m sixty years old, I don’t bounce back like I use to,” said Brush.

Brush has hired legal counsel and says that she may pursue legal action.

Asked if she can see where some people think that she came across as arrogant on the video, Brush said, “I don’t care how it looks to them.”

Brush adds that she’s “devastated” by the reaction, but insists she will continue to pursue what she feels is right.

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