Police: Bluetooth can be used to detect card skimmers at ATM, gas pumps

SHELBY, NC (FOX Carolina) –

The Shelby NC Police Department is warning the public about ATM and gas pump skimmers.

Officers said skimmers are electronic devices used to record account numbers from bank cards. This information can lead to money be stolen or identity theft, officers said.

According to officers, members of the public can detect skimmers by checking to see if an intact tamper seal is installed. Officers said people should not use their cards if the seal says “void” or is removed.

Police also said skimmers can use Bluetooth technology and cell phones have the ability to detect skimmers. According to officers, members of the public should turn on their phone’s Bluetooth settings and if a device with a long series of numbers or letters appears, a skimmer may be active.

Officers said if anyone suspects a skimmer is being used at a pump or ATM, to inform the bank or store and call police.

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