New ocean club will be called, The Blvd


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) — Construction is in full swing on a new beach club along Ocean Boulevard and it’s name is a fitting one for it’s location.

The new beach club which sits off of 15th Avenue North will be know as The Boulevard.

Construction started in fall of 2017 and the structure is starting to finally take shape.

The three-story entertainment complex has announced several tenants including Tin Roof, BurgerFi, Starbucks and returning to the location, Banditos.

The $40 million project sits right on the boardwalk similar to RipTydz a few blocks down.

Executive Director of the Myrtle Beach Downtown Revitalization Committee, Lauren Clever, hopes projects like this will encourage more investment downtown.

“They bulldozed that restaurant over and now they’re building a $40 million project, that’s huge and that encourages the rest of the area others outside to see what’s going on here and want to be part of this,” said Clever.

The Boulevard is expected to be open just in time for the summer time rush.

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