Hwy 90, sand beach closed in Harrison County as cleanup continues


Work crews are busy across the coast cleaning up the mess Hurricane Nate left behind. Downed trees and power lines have made driving difficult in some areas.

Drivers are being asked to avoid Hwy. 90 while crews remove sand and debris from portions of the roadway. There are significant sand deposits and water covering portions of the roadway in all three coastal counties.

“MDOT’s first responders began efforts to clear roadways as the storm moved onshore last night,” said Transportation Commissioner Tom King. “Crews removed debris from highways as it was reported and are currently out continuing to assess damage caused by Hurricane Nate. For your safety, we ask all motorists to remain off of Highway 90 until our crews remove the sand and restore traffic signals.”

Hwy 90 isn’t the only road impacted by debris. Drivers anywhere in South Mississippi should watch for debris and downed power lines. There are still thousands without power across South Mississippi, but that number is steadily shrinking as power crews get to work.

MDOT crews are focused on the following areas Sunday:

  • MDOT maintenance crews are working to clear sand from Highway 90.
  • MDOT crews are repairing a number of traffic signal heads along U.S. Highway 90 that were damaged by high winds.
  • MDOT crews are re-installing all drawbridge gates throughout Mississippi’s coastal counties.

The sand beach is also still closed to the public all across Harrison County.

Large tree blocking Holley Street in Biloxi. pic.twitter.com/4VLOCsRxk4

— Christina Garcia (@WloxGarcia) October 8, 2017

Large boat “Reliance” washed ashore on Biloxi beach. pic.twitter.com/8XH2BmtW3O

— Christina Garcia (@WloxGarcia) October 8, 2017

Team Waste dumpster on the beach pic.twitter.com/Bg9ATeFYl2

— Christina Garcia (@WloxGarcia) October 8, 2017

Storm drains stuffed with debris on 90. pic.twitter.com/7rKhpKmNZn

— Christina Garcia (@WloxGarcia) October 8, 2017

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