Conway City Council says Aspen Heights is best-case scenario


CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Residents in the Conway area can expect to see a new housing development go up soon and council members say it’s the best scenario the city could possibly have.

Neighbors in the Wild Wing development have fought long and hard to have their voices heard about how they don’t want the Aspen Heights student development to be constructed in their area.

However, members of the Conway City Council said if they did not vote to rezone the land, it would certainly make traffic matters worse.

Councilman William Goldfinch said the way the land was zoned before would have allowed for anything from housing developments to commercial businesses to be developed.

Now, with the rezoning, the developer is restricted to constructing only 514 units that will be more spaced out.

“We feel that’s going to be a lesser impact on the Wild Wing community,” Goldfinch said, “We feel like that’s going to provide for more safety around the Wild Wing community in and around that new development.”

But residents still are not happy. “

“It’s going to make it much worse. Carolina Forest Boulevard is going to be unbelievable,” said Frank Jamiol, who lives nearby. “You know, bringing more people into the area brings more crime, and I kind of like it with the amount of people that are in the area today.”

One visitor from out of town who comes to the area frequently thinks the new development won’t do any harm.

“I think [the area] has enough touristy commerce going. You can find everything here, so homes make sense to me,” said Janice Bondinell, “More homes means more families, means more income for the community.”

She also said she thinks more housing for students will even give them more incentive to stay long-term.

“Well I think you want students who come out to school here to stay here. I think giving them homes in the first place to build a community from early on is a good idea,” Bondinell said, “You want them to stay here and put roots down.”

Goldfinch said there is no set date for construction yet and the developer needs to finish the process of purchasing the property before a date can be decided.

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