Pee Dee firefighters soon to move into new educational building


FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A long-awaited project is wrapping up, once up and running it will help equip fire crews to better serve you.

The South Lynches Fire Department now has a 6,000-square-foot space to further education and training. The new building is located on the department’s current training grounds in Lake City, on Keels Boulevard.

The vision for the training facility started back in 2002 and now the final addition is up. Right now, crews are in the process of moving equipment in. WMBF News’ Ken Baker found out how this new fire training building will benefit firefighters and you.

“By being able to provide this training here, local, where they don’t have to go out of town, it makes it a lot easier for them to get their training. And they can help their community as a volunteer,” said James Epps, captain and personnel coordinator for South Lynches Fire Department.

The department used to teach new members and continual education out of a small mobile classroom – but now all that training will soon happen in the brand new building. This new addition is being paid for by the second Penny Sales Tax. This new facility allows for more than 100 crew members to be taught at one time.

The department previously had to hold multiple classes to get everyone taught. Staff said this new building will help take fire courses to the next level.

“This gives us the capability to have multiple classes at the same time, as well as can hold our entire membership. We also will have a computer lab because some training is going to be online-based in the future and we wanted to make sure we could handle those changes when they come about,” Epps said.

The first class to be taught here will be a group of junior firefighters within the next couple of months.

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