Business employees, locals frustrated about Hwy. 501 repaving project


HORRY COUNTY, SC(WMBF) – If you’ve been driving on 501, you’ve probably noticed some of the lanes have a smooth new surface, while others are still really uneven. Crews are out there working to re-pave the roadway near the Tanger Outlets to the Forestbrook exit.

Crews are resurfacing the road because just by riding on 501 you can tell it’s deteriorating. This is from years of storms and ice and wear and tear.

Workers are scraping the top layer off and coming back with a new surface so it can be an easier ride for you.

With this project, crews will only resurface the road that’s already there not expand it.

A lot of you have been leaving comments on the WMBF News Facebook page about a road project that’s slowing you down or even making you late to work.

If you were traveling on 501 Tuesday morning, you may have noticed a lot of traffic and delays. DOT is not sure what caused them, but says its intention is to be out of the way by 6 a.m. each morning.

Locals who live around the area say they understand why crews are out working, because before new roads can be built, road improvements to the ones that have been in place should be done first.

But some businesses along 501 say otherwise.

Employees from the Exxon gas station say the project is stressful, especially at night when they’re leaving work, because having only one lane causes bumper-to-bumper traffic and creates more aggressive driving because drivers are impatient.

One woman who works at the Sleep Inn off of 501 say she wasn’t expecting traffic to be so bad, but was late taking her daughter to school and then trying to get back to work earlier this week.

She says if the project isn’t done in the next couple of weeks she’s already preparing herself for traffic to be at its worst.

She also understands why crews are repaving, but wishes it was at a different time.

“Choose the right time to fix stuff, not in the rush hour not in the morning while people are driving kids to school or going to work, this is ridiculous to be honest,” Sleep Inn Employee Nervn Ibrahim said.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation tells me crews are still on track to wrap up by Memorial Day.

If you are heading out before crews end working at 6 every morning – make sure you give yourself extra time so you can take it slow in the work zone and so you’re prepared for any possible delays.

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