Myrtle Beach police officer stops to toss pigskin with 2 kids


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A mother who recently moved into a Myrtle Beach neighborhood is praising a Myrtle Beach police officer for taking time out of his day to toss the pigskin around with her kids.

Lisa Taylor posted to the WMBF News Facebook page several photos of Myrtle Beach Police Officer Chris Tyndall throwing a football around with her children.

She said she moved to the Carolina Breeze neighborhood on Third Avenue in Myrtle Beach, and the officer stopped to play ball with her boys. She said he was very sweet and friendly, and although her kids were scared at first, when he started playing with them, they “could not be more excited about it.”

Lisa’s children, Hunter and Lillian, admitted they were scared of Officer Tyndall at first.

“I didn’t say anything, I was scared,” Lillian said.

“I was thinking he was coming, coming here to get somebody,” Hunter added.

That was up until the children realized he just wanted to join in on their game.

“He just got out the car, and said can I play,” Hunter said.

“And the kids looked at me like, ‘Is this OK?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah go ahead!’ And he literally sat here and just played football!” explained Lisa Taylor.

Taylor says the game went on for over a half an hour and it wasn’t long before her kids thought it was the coolest, even sharing it with their friends on social media.

“I got my phone and I recorded him and put it on Snapchat,” Lillian said.

Thursday, the kids were showing off their new football throwing skills.

“He was like saying how to grab the football,” Hunter said.

Just a little game of football, is making these kids think twice about how they see a police officer.

“They can be like, ‘Hey how are you doing?’ The cop can, you know, stop, and they can tell him anything. It’s nice for the kids to know there is somebody around here they don’t have to be scared of,” explained Taylor.

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