Family of 8-year-old killed in drive-by shooting speaks out for first time since her death

GAFFNEY, SC (FOX Carolina) –

Two recent deadly shootings have left a Gaffney community shaken and searching for answers.

Police said Jasmin McGill, 18, was the victim of a shooting in Gaffney on August 7. Weeks later, LaMya Bradley was killed in a drive-by shooting on August 20.

Gaffney police said both homicides are still unsolved and very few leads have come in.

Community activist, Jack Logan went before Gaffney City Council on Tuesday night to ask for more police officers to be added to the department.

Logan told council members that more officers could help solve these murders and help prevent others from happening.

“I want to see more officers and higher salaries for police in the city of Gaffney,” said Logan, founder of Put Down the Guns Now Young People Organization.

Gaffney Police Chief Richard Turner said he agrees with Logan, and thinks more officers are needed.

“There’s many things, if we had more officers on the road, that they could aid and assist us with,” said Chief Turner.

Turner said they need at least 8 additional officers, which would add two officers to each shift.

Turner said the final decision is in the hands of the council, but believes more officers could help solve the recent crimes.

LaMya’s family attended the meeting and said they hope her story will convince the city council that something needs to be done.

“It was just very devastating. We never imagined that we would receive that call,” said Kara Wilson, LaMya Bradley’s mom.

Kara Wilson’s 8-year-old daughter, LaMya, spent the night at her cousins house on August 20. Hours later, LaMya was pronounced dead.

“You always expect to be safe in a home and be able to return home, but our daughter didn’t return to us,” said Wilson.

Gaffney Police said shots were fired into an apartment on West Buford Street around 1:10 AM.

Investigators said LaMya was sitting on the couch in the apartment when a bullet went through the window and struck her in the head. She was transported to the hospital but died soon after.

LaMya’s death remains unsolved and her family said they pray for answers.

“It’s been very devastating not knowing who committed the crime and nobody is coming forward. That’s really hard,” said Janie Wilson, LaMya’s grandmother.

“Unfortunately we’ve had these instances three times in a row,” said Gaffney Mayor, Henry Jolly.

Mayor Jolly said they’re working on a plan to add more officers and increase their salaries by October or November of this year.

“We know that the police department is underfunded and we are working on that,” said Mayor Jolly.

LaMya’s mom said she hopes the city’s plan will get more feet on the ground and help solve her daughter’s murder.

“I hope that her death doesn’t go in vain like so many other cases,” said Wilson, “Although we experienced a tragic loss, I hope through LaMya’s death that things will be done and people can get the justice that they need.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Gaffney Police Department at 864-489-8115 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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