Bathrooms could be built soon at Savannah’s Playground


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes said Savannah’s Playground has been more successful than he ever anticipated and he’s making plans for an expansion.

“We like that it has a variety of stuff for all of the kids to do, instead of just targeted to one age group, because I have four kids of all different ages. And there’s absolutely everything for all of them to do,” said Jessica Volinski, of Conway.

Savannah’s Playground received a $100,000 grant last month from the South Carolina Parks and Recreation Department for an expansion, Rhodes said.

“I really like the long slides like you can go down,” said Mia Flynn, who is visiting from Connecticut. “It’s really fun.”

“You can’t put a price on any kid who comes off of here smiling,” said Tom Mansell, of Myrtle Beach. “That’s just priceless.”

Rhodes said bathrooms are number one on the priority list for Savannah’s Playground right now.

He said that’ll likely be the next project for the playground and he’s hoping they’ll be built in the next few months.

Wheelchair-accessible porta-potties were put in next to the playground within the last two months, Rhodes said.

Rhodes isn’t sure right now how much the bathrooms will cost, but Savannah’s Playground recently received a $100,000 grant from the South Carolina Parks and Recreation Department for an expansion.

City staff are looking at the cost of building bathrooms.

Rhodes said they have to be ADA compliant for people with disabilities and he wants them to be done right.

Volinski said bathrooms would be very helpful.

“The first time we came here we had eight children with us,” said Jessica Volinski. “There were no bathrooms, no porta-potties anywhere. We ended up having to load everybody up to drive around to the baseball fields to see if there was a bathroom there and we ended up just leaving. It was nice pulling up today and seeing that they had at least the porta-potties.”

“Market Common’s baseball fields are beautiful. Everything here is beautiful, so you want to get the small details right, too,” Mansell said.

Rhodes said he’s been wanting to put in a splash pad and he knows it’ll be good for the summer months. He said he also knows the playground is used year-round, so he’s reevaluating what should go into the next phase for Savannah’s Playground. He said the splash pad could make for some wet rides homes from the park. The next phase could include additional playground equipment instead.

“They were talking about doing the splash pad. I am one of the parents that would enjoy it,” Volinski said.

“I would love it,” Flynn said, commenting on the prospect of a splash pad.

Rhodes said he’s also looking at adding safety measures around the small pond next to Savannah’s playground.

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