Scotland County residents dealing with massive storm in their community


SCOTLAND COUNTY, NC (WMBF) – While bigger towns like Wilmington and Lumberton are dealing with the aftermath of Florence, smaller towns on the border belt are working to recover as well.

In Scotland County, officials say some residents are still unable to go back home after being forced to evacuate and others barely have a home to go back to.

The county’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Roylin Hammond, said flood waters have receded, but some roads are washed out and have collapsed. As a result, emergency personnel is slower to respond and schools remain closed.

Wednesday on Main Street residents lined up in a vacant parking lot where the National Guard handed out free water and food.

In downtown Laurinburg, buildings have collapsed into the streets, residents around town say the amount of destruction Florence has caused is unprecedented.

“All around the shop flooded, over there by the courthouse flooded,” Tara Radford said. “Half of my ceiling came down. I just got power after 5 days back in my home.”

“Florence came and when she did, it devastated our community,” Ryan Spangler said.” You see this on TV a lot, but never a hometown and when it hits the hometown it hurts.”

North Main Street in Laurinburg was one of the areas hit the hardest, people who lived in the McIntosh Apartments had to evacuate Saturday. Though the storm is gone, residents say it definitely left a mark on the community.

“Everything was flooded the water came into the apartments all the up to here,” Kenneth David said.

David said the apartment complex is where his children stay with their mother. He said he came on Tuesday to help clean and salvage what was left, but it’s not much at all.

“All of the furniture and everything that was in here soaked…like i said everything is lost, the food is gone and everything,” David said.

David’s neighbor, Teyona McKay, and her husband were also ripped away from their home by the storm.

“Covered up my bed, TV, all of that,” McKay said. “They had to actually come to rescue us in boats.”

Heartbroken and 5 months pregnant, McKay said this is the last thing she needs.

“I was hurt, horrified,” Mckay said. “All of my personal belongings all that’s in there soaking wet. Clothes, everything destroyed.”

If you would like to help, officials say the best way is to donate to local churches and the Helping Hands organization.

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