Santee Cooper to use AquaDam as additional protection for Grainger ash ponds


MONCKS CORNER, SC (WMBF) – Santee Cooper has secured a unique dam as additional risk mitigation for Grainger ash ponds as the Waccamaw River continues to rise.

The inflatable AquaDam, which uses water-filled tubes to create aqua barriers and control water to prevent flooding, will be used to assist in protecting the dike around Pond 2 at the former Grainger Generating Station.

It is expected that the AquaDam will arrive Wednesday evening and will be fully installed by Thursday.

In a press release from Santee Cooper, it is said that floodwater projections indicate a potential overtopping of the dikes could occur as early as this weekend.

The release goes on to say:

Specifically, Santee Cooper has 6,000 linear feet of AquaDam, enough to cover the dike around Pond 2, where most of the ash still onsite remains. The AquaDam is being assembled next to the silt fencing along the pond dike. Once placed and inflated with water, the dam will add 30 inches to the top of the dike. The dam will be deployed in 100 foot sections, is 7 feet wide at the base for stability, and the sections are pumped full of river water at the site.

Pond 1 is too narrow to use the AquaDam product, and nearly all of the ash it once contained has been excavated. Santee Cooper has been excavating its Grainger ash ponds since 2014 and has removed close to 90 percent of the ash.

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