Family of drowning victim remain shocked and want answers


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – While several investigations are still ongoing to determine how two mental health patients drowned during a medical transfer Tuesday night, the family of Nicolette Green is speaking out.

Nicolette’s daughters and sister shared loving stories of her and are leaning on one another for love and support, but want to know how this happened.

“Deputies are supposed take care the people that are in the back of their car,” said Rose Hershberger, Nicolette’s oldest daughter.

Rose was the last family member to see her mother alive before Tuesday’s accident.

Her mother battled schizophrenia but was doing her best treat her mental illness and was showing improvements.

Rose said she took her mother to Waccamaw Mental Health to meet with a new therapist. After about 30 minutes, she was told her mother was being hospitalized and would be transferred to a mental hospital but was never given a reason why.

“She was like a normal mom and the best mom anyone could ask for,” said Rose.

“She was always there to hug and talk to, cry on, and it was great rebuilding our relationship,” said Eric Hershberger.

Donnela Green-Johnson, Nicolette’s sister, said she knew about the transport and saw on the news about a transport van caught near the Little Pee Dee River.

She said she felt in her gut that her sister was inside.

“It was devastating because we had found her again, then to have her taken by a senseless crime, it’s devastating to us,” said Donnela.

Despite the pain, her two daughters try to remember the happy moments with her mother.

“My mom and I used to bake a lot together. She said if you ever have anything bad, just put all your bad feelings in these cupcakes and eat them,” said Rose.

As for Nicolette’s sister, she has one question: “What would prompt you to endanger your life and the life of the people the back, why?” said Donnela.

There are still a lot of questions and the investigation is ongoing.

Nicolette‘s daughters said they will always remember the happy moments with their mother.

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