Report: South Carolina ranks third for fatal DUI crashes


A new report from a research group states South Carolina ranks third in the country for fatal DUI crashes.

Dave Ann Washington lost her daughter in a reported DUI crash and remembers the day she got a knock on the door.

A knock she never wanted to hear.

“She was in a tragic car accident due to a drunk driver, ” Washington said.

Troopers say the driver ran off the road and hit a ditch.

The driver was charged with DUI resulting in death.

“Never a day goes by I don’t think of her, ” Washington said.

In a new report on where are you most likely to be in a fatal DUI, South Carolina ranks third.

“We make decisions every time we get behind the wheel,” said Trooper Matt Southern.”If they’re smart decisions then we have smart consequences. We get to our destinations safely. But if we make poor choices behind the wheel of the car there can be severe consequences that come with it.”

For Washington, she knows the consequences that come with it, and lives with it every day.

“It hurts due to a drunk driver driving a vehicle,” she said.”I stress this, please do not drink and drive. Just think about it before you get behind the wheel.”

“Alcohol affects people differently,” Southern said.”It could depend on size. It can depend on what you have eaten. It can affect other things such as medication.”

“You’re never promised the next day or minute or nothing because when you leave home, you don’t know whether you’re coming back to your loved ones,” Washington said.

If at any time you see someone driving who you think could be impaired dial HP.

The Highway Patrol will respond, and if they don’t have anyone in the area they will ask other law enforcement to step in to try and get that driver off the road.

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