SC man battling Stage 4 cancer greeted by Tiger Woods at The Masters after stepdaughter’s plea goes viral


A dream comes true during Round 1 of The Masters. Lifelong golf fan and Columbia native Shane Caldwell met his favorite pro golfer, Tiger Woods.

It was a joyous experience for Shane who currently battles Stage 4 lung cancer. Shane’s always wanted to see Tiger Woods in person. His stepdaughter, Jordan Miller, recently made a plea on Twitter to help her stepfather realize this dream.

“What a thrill. Been a Tiger Woods fan for a long time,” Caldwell said.

Shane has supported Tiger’s career from the very beginning. Shane’s wife, Renae, can attest to his fandom.

“Been with him through thick and thin,” she said. “Shane’s has had his ups and downs with his health. So, he looks at it the same way.”

Shane has defeated colon cancer twice. But now, he fights lung cancer.

“My husband is a very unselfish person,” Renae said. “He will do for everyone, but never ask for anything.”

Shane has marveled at the attention Jordan’s plea received. “Thing went viral on Twitter,” Shane said. “1.7 million views this morning.”

My guy’s already been spotted on tv ??

— Jordan Miller (@jordsierra27) April 5, 2018


— Jordan Miller (@jordsierra27) April 5, 2018

His stepdaughter’s efforts worked! The Caldwells, with the help of some friends, received passes to attend the Masters. That’s where Shane met his hero.

It all happened on the practice driving range at Augusta National. Woods waved and smiled Shane’s way before he stepped away from hitting golf balls to sign his glove for Caldwell. Caldwell will cherish forever.

“Let’s you know that Tiger is not as standoffish as he maybe would have been or used to be,” Shane said. “He’s a nicer person than according to the media.”

“We’re incredibly humbled and incredibly grateful,” Renae said. “This is a dream come true for him.”

This. This right here is all I wanted??♥???♥?

— Jordan Miller (@jordsierra27) April 5, 2018

“This is a great experience,” Shane said. “Pretty emotional.”

A much-needed perfect moment at a place that’s unlike any other.

And back to the scene of where this all began. Jordan has collected a number of reactions from folks on Twitter who are so happy for Shane.

Prime example of how if you are determined to do something, odds are in your favor IMO

— Derek Cogswell (@DerekCogswell) April 5, 2018

Tiger just left the range and gave his glove to a man with an oxygen tank who was wearing these kick ass dollar bill shorts. A sign of things to come perhaps.

— Andrew Schmidt (@ASchmidtacular) April 5, 2018

Am I getting ahead of myself, yes….however, Tiger just put on one of the best warmup sessions I have ever seen from him, and he chased it by giving his glove to a dude connected to an oxygen tank, who responded “knock em dead Tiger” ??????????????

— CSW (@WillamsChris) April 5, 2018

Tiger finished his warm up, signed his glove and gave it to a patron in a wheelchair on the range

— Joe Clark (@JoeClarkGolf) April 5, 2018

Nice of @TigerWoods for signing that glove for fan after finishing on the range. Not something would have seen years ago from him #masters#Tiger

— Tom Savoca (@Tsavoca85) April 5, 2018

Tiger showing some precision during his warm up. Also, his kind side as he finishes he range work by signing a glove for a fan

— Compleat Golfer (@CompleatGolfer) April 5, 2018

This is a shocker, but I’m liking Tiger more & more. He’s more personable, humble, I’ve watched him sign more kids autographs than ever before really & he just gave his glove to a man with health issues on the range. Maybe age & some time off has been good for him. #ArnieWould

— MalloryRuhlingHodge (@MalRuhls) April 5, 2018

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