Lexington County kindergarten class dealing with Shigellosis outbreak


A Lexington County District One kindergarten class is dealing with an outbreak of Shigellosis that was discovered around February 27.

Pelion Elementary School says that several students have been identified as having the disease and measures have been taken to try and curb the spread.

Shigellosis is caused by the bacteria Shigella and causes diarrhea, stomach cramps, and fever throughout its five-to-seven day duration after which, doctors say, the disease resolves itself.

PES has been cleaned daily with a DHEC-approved cleaning solution, according to a school spokesperson. In classes where a student with shigella has been identified, the room is cleaned multiple times a day. For instance, when the students go to lunch and at the end of the day, the room is cleaned. Classroom assistants also wipe the doorknobs, light switches, and toilet handles after each child uses the restroom.

Children who have been confirmed to have the disease are prevented from returning to school until they are cleared by a doctor.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that frequent and careful handwashing is the best way to curb the spread of Shigella.

Despite rumors going around, there has not been an outbreak of lice. PES and Lexington One insist they’ve maintained constant communication about the situation.

The document below offers information from DHEC regarding Shigella.

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