Some Surfside Beach residents frustrated over new parking law


SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Some people who live in Surfside Beach say they’re outraged at a new law that prohibits them from parking where they live.

People who own homes on Dogwood Drive say they used to park their cars in the grass behind their houses on Yaupon Drive, but they recently found out they’re no longer allowed to. New signs say a C3 parking permit is required in order to park in the space.

A C3 permit is only available to people who work at the Surfside Beach Pier.

Jennifer Harris owns one of the 10 homes affected. She says it’s unfair that she can’t park her own car in her own yard while others can.

“To find out that you can’t park in front of your own house is just crazy to me,” Harris said.

Even though only 10 homes are impacted by this, Harris says it will affect a lot of people because most of the homeowners on Dogwood Drive rent their homes out during the tourist season.

Since each home can sleep about 10 to 12 people, many could be forced to park their cars at least a block away.

The homeowners want this fixed soon.

“We’re calling upon the town councilmen to please remove these signs before the season starts,” Harris said.

Surfside Beach Mayor Bob Childs declined to comment. He said he expects the issue to be brought up in the near future at a town council meeting.

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