Many parents have concerns about glass classroom design


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – With new threats coming in almost every day since the Florida school shooting, parents are now questioning the safety in their children’s schools.

Parents of Horry County students say they’re especially worried because they say they don’t think the five new schools were built with safety in mind.

“My biggest concern would be there’s no protection on the outside looking in,” said parent Erin Freeman. “You could see every desk, every chair, you can see people walking by. That to me is a problem.”

The five new Horry County schools have more glass than the older buildings, which is concerning for Freeman.

“How are they to hide behind a wall of glass with their desks there? Why is there no bulletproof glass?” she asked.

“It’s my understanding that the option for bulletproof glass would have added a significant cost increase to the price of the building,” said school board member Ray Winters.

Back in December, WMBF News spoke with contractor Robbie Ferris about the project. He said the schools finished up millions of dollars under budget.

Parents are now wondering if some of the money spent on cosmetic touches could have gone to safety instead.

“Getting a good education is here in Myrtle Beach. Horry County Schools (have) great schools, great educators, great administration, but if we’re not protecting our kids in the building from perpetrators, then how are they going to get that good education if they’re dead?” said Freeman.

WMBF News could not reach Ferris for comment.

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