Incident report details Whitney Brooks’ field sobriety test after crash that killed NCPD officer


The incident report in connection with the Ladson Road crash describes the field sobriety test given to Whitney Danielle Brooks.

She is charged with felony DUI in the crash that killed North Charleston police officer Ryan MacCluen.

Notably, the trooper who gave the test did not know MacCluen had died until after he had given the test to Brooks.

The trooper stated in the report that she had “red, glassy eyes” and appeared to have a dry mouth. The trooper also noted Brooks’ speech was slow and she had a delayed response as well as an “odor of alcohol” coming from her.

The trooper reported Brooks had a front to back sway of two inches and a sustained nystagmus, also known as involuntary eye-jerking. During the walk and turn test, the incident report states the trooper saw Brooks lose her balance several times, once stepping off the line and using her arms for balance. The trooper also states Brooks stepped on top of her foot, swayed, and also stopped while walking. She also did the test very slowly and methodically, the incident report stated.

During the leg stand test, she maintained her balance for eight seconds, the report states. She then lifted it back up for another four seconds and for four more seconds again after briefly placing both legs back on the ground. The trooper said they also saw Brooks’ eyes attempt to converge before drifting apart, the report states.

Her breath test was not administered until she was at the Dorchester County Detention Center when she blew a 0.00, according to the report. She also voluntarily consented to a blood and urine test. Once Macluen was pronounced dead at 10:27 p.m. Thursday, a hold was placed so a warrant for felony DUI could be obtained, the report said.

Brooks’ bond was set at $125,000 last Friday.

The judge said she set bond based on the fact Brooks has no criminal record.

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