Student discharged pepper spray on school bus causing driver to pull over


Authorities say a student discharged pepper spray on a school bus causing the driver to pull over at the Ladson Fairgrounds.

It happened on Thursday just before 4 p.m. when deputies responded to a report of a juvenile spraying pepper spray on a school bus.

The bus was transporting students from Northwood’s Middle School.

Deputies arrived on scene and spoke to students, but they were unable to determine who discharged the spray.

All of the students and their bags were checked with searches turned up nothing.

When deputies spoke to the students individually, they were able to determine that a male student discharged the pepper spray.

The male student walked to the front of the school bus and was seen in video holding what appeared to be a pink canister of pepper spray, reports say.

At one point in the video the juvenile is seen spraying the pepper spray twice in no general direction exposing everyone on board to the spray, according to a report by the sheriff’s office.

The driver of the school bus was not immediately disabled, but soon began suffering from the exposure and turned into the Ladson Fairgrounds.

“After deputies gathered preliminary information, the children were transferred to another bus and transported home,” CCSO officials said. “Some parents also arrived on scene to drive their children home.”

The investigation is on going.

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