VIDEO: High school seniors surprise teacher with new car


In so many classrooms across the state, students begin the day with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a carefully crafted lesson plan put together by teachers like Jason Broome.

In his nine years at Lamar Christian, this social studies teacher has put a lot of those lesson plans in action. The lessons taught here, however, are going beyond the classroom, thanks to some very observant students, like Connor Bowman.

“You always need to put others before yourself,” said Bowman.

It all started when Broome’s Jeep broke down.

“In dramatic fashion, the cab filled with smoke and I was on the side of the road,” said Broome.

When his senior class found out what happened, a plan took shape, involving secrets, parents and a lot of texts.

“Well, he needed something reliable. He’s got two kids,” said Bowman.

Just a week after that dramatic breakdown, Broome was given the keys to a car, his car.

“I’m thinking there’s no way. This can’t be what I think it looks like,” said Broome.

The car came complete with a big, red bow. It was paid for by his students and their parents, who pooled money together as a way to show appreciation to a man they say helps shift gears of success everyday inside the classroom.

“At that moment, I just felt a lot of love from them, and they said that over the years, they felt love for me, and that was a moment I’ll never forget,” said Broome.

While these students spend a lot of time sharpening their educational skills, keeping a car a secret was a big test in pulling off quite the surprise.

“I know most of them just have small jobs and then having to get their parents on board, that was a big undertaking, and to do it in less than a week was really amazing to me,” said Broome.

For Christa Lott, it was totally worth it.

“It was pretty cool,” said Lott. “They do so much for us. It’s the least we could do just to give back to him.”

It’s a give back Broome says caught him off guard, with little to no words. For his senior class, words weren’t part of the lesson plan.

“It’s just a moment that reflects that we’re about strong academics here, but it’s also a family,” said Broome.

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