Dominion/SCE&G merger could be delayed


New details have emerged about the fallout of the failed nuclear reactors in South Carolina.

The energy deal to merge Dominion and SCE&G could be delayed for another year if a new Senate proposal passes. They will debate that next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, electric cooperatives ask for help from lawmakers. Their customers have already paid $400 million for the reactors and are on the hook to pay billions more.

CEOs of the electric cooperatives want $630 million from the money one company, Toshiba, paid to leave the project, and use that money to lower customers’ rates.

Lawmakers listened to hours of testimony, and are working on a plan that offers relief for those customers. Rep. Nathan Ballentine, (R) Richland, says, “You know, what they tell me every day is you know ‘Nathan my power bill is way higher than it used to be. I want to know why.’ And it’s not because it’s a colder winter. It’s because they’re paying for two holes in the ground. So whether they’re with Mid Carolina or whether they’re with SCE&G, they don’t want to be paying for a service that they’re never going to get.”

The cooperatives also ask that lawmakers sell Santee Cooper. They claim they’ve heard of interest from more than ten potential buyers.

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