PetSmart groomer caught on cam mistreating dog


HOUSTON TX, (KTRK/CNN) – Terah Leder walked inside a PetSmart this week and when she passed the grooming area, she immediately realized something was wrong.

“I was like, just trembling, I was freaking out,” Leder said. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen.

Leder said she knew she needed proof of what was happening, so she started to record until she couldn’t watch any more.

After explaining to management what happened, Leder waited outside for an hour until the dog’s owner arrived. “If that were my dog I would want to know that, that happened to her, Leder said.

Brooke Vomer, who dropped off her dog “boo” hours before, was stunned when Leder approached her on the way out.

Later Vomer watched the video, then post it to Facebook where it went viral.

“Because that was just a tidbit of the video, I’d hate to think what would happen in 4 hours,” Vomer said. “That fact that, that could happen to anyone else’s dog is just concerning to me.”

Vomer said watching the video of her two-year-old Shitzhu being mistreated makes her sick.

“if this happened to my dog it probably happened to other dogs and I don’t want it to happen to future dogs.”

Vomer said, she is thankful for the kindness of this stranger who spoke up. Without that she said, no one may have known what happened.

A spokesperson with PetSmart said the treatment was completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

PetSmart said the employee has been fired.

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