Irmo Town Council passes controversial ‘front yard parking’ ordinance


“Parking on the grass, front lawn area of any resident is allowed for visitors and for temporary parking as long as it does not kill the grass,” the ordinance states. “Parking on dirt areas in the front lawn area of a home is not allowed, except for temporary use by visitors.”

A) Approved parking areas:

poured concrete slab

asphalt paved areas

concrete stepping stones, paver, prick laid out to form a parking pad

any pervious substrate such as gravel, crush and run, ground asphalt, mulch, pine straw contained within a boundary/border made of landscaped timber, railroad timber, landscaping blocks, brick, solid concrete blocks, such as to contain substrate.

B) Additional parking areas other than what is original to the homes original construction will be approved provided they meet the requirements listed in A) and meet location requirements in B).

FIRST CHOICE: Additional parking areas to be next to, adjoining, either side of the original driveway.

SECOND CHOICE: Side yard area on side of the home containing the driveway.

THIRD CHOICE: The opposite side yard area than the original driveway.

FOURTH CHOICE: Areas in front of the homes, but as close to the side yard as possible.