Young Hong Kong activist sentenced to 3 months in jail


HONG KONG (AP) – A Hong Kong court sentenced democracy activist Joshua Wong to three months in jail Wednesday in a contempt case stemming from the 2014 “Umbrella Movement” protests.

The 21-year-old Wong and another defendant were remanded into custody at Hong Kong’s High Court and others in the case received suspended sentences.

Wong had pleaded guilty last year for failing to comply with a court order to clear out of a protesters’ camp that blocked a main road during the 79-day protests that were held to oppose Beijing’s plans to restrict elections for the top leader of the semiautonomous Chinese city.

High Court Judge Andrew Chan said in the ruling that although Wong only stayed in the camp briefly, his involvement in obstruction was deep and extensive. “He played a leading role on that day. In view of his overall involvement, I am of the view that the only appropriate punishment for Mr. Wong will be one of immediate imprisonment.”

Wong helped lead the protests while still a teenager and gained global attention as a result. He has already served part of a six-month sentence in a separate case also related to the protests. He was granted bail in that case while appealing his sentence. The hearing in that case was held Tuesday but a decision is expected at a later date.

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