Christmas Meals on Classic Wheels feeds hundreds in Beaufort County


The Classic Car and Truck Club of Beaufort and Bricks on Boundary restaurant fed hundreds in need Sunday.

Club members worked with the school system and social services to identify people who would need a Christmas meal, partnered with the restaurant to cook, plate and bag dinner boxes and delivered them to families in their classic cars.

“We are kind of a community-based organization,” Rob Hilton, club president, said. “We have lots of people from all walks of life that belong to the club, and we try to give back to the community in many ways. Christmas meals is one of them.”

The club started its Christmas Meals on Classic Wheels dinner delivery 14 years ago. Hilton said the club fed about 60 people when the delivery service started, and club members bought the meals themselves.

“Club was a little smaller, a little younger,” Hilton said.

Since 2011, the club’s partnered with Bricks on Boundary and owner and chef Josh Poticha to quadruple the the number of meals served. Sunday, the restaurant prepared and the club delivered 250 meals.

“Love it,” Poticha said. “Absolutely love it, yeah. It’s something that, just, it’s an honor to be able to cook for people in the first place, and then to actually serve them on Christmas, it’s just fantastic.”

But cooking for so many isn’t a small job or a fast one. It takes hundreds of pounds of food, and about three days of cooking.

“400 pounds of turkey,” Poticha said. “I’ll be happy not to see turkey for a little while after today and tomorrow. Then last night, all night long, so someone’s in the restaurant 24 hours cooking turkeys. It’s a big production, but there’s just absolutely nothing more exciting than to be able to do this.”

Hilton said, “Josh is one heck of a great guy to do this for the community. He stays up all night, works like really hard to get this thing done.”

Poticha said the best part about participating is the thanks he receives from those eating his food.

“We’ll get calls, actually, throughout the next week from people that receive meals thanking us, telling us how good the meals are, and that actually really hits home when we get a call like that. It’s really special.”

Poticha will serve an additional 125 meals on Monday, Christmas day, to Marines in the area, making nearly 400 Christmas dinners in total.

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