DCSO stepping up patrol in Ashborough East neighborhood after reports of vandalism


Dorchester County Sheriff’s deputies are increasing patrol in the Ashborough East neighborhood after reports of vandalism over the last few weeks.

Chief Deputy Sam Richardson says the Sheriff’s Office has received several complaints about car break-ins overnight, and other cases of vandalism.

According to an incident report, one homeowner posted on social media about a vehicle driving in the front lawn of a property, leaving tire marks on the ground.

“With the holiday season we’re urging folks to contact us about anything suspicious or if they’ve had someone vandalize their property,” Richardson said.

Deputies are also urging homeowners to keep an eye out on packages that may be delivered over the next few days.

“Have a neighbor come and pick up those packages to avoid theft,” Richardson said.

Anyone with information on vandalism that have occurred in the neighborhood are urged to contact the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 562-3511.

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