Touching photo highlights how much law enforcement officers have to lose each time they put on their uniforms


An Upstate photographer said she was asked to capture photos of a South Carolina State Trooper and his family to highlight just how much troopers have to lose when they go to work each day.

Jennifer Davisson shared one picture from the photo shoot on Facebook, showing a trooper saluting his five young sons as the boys return the gesture.

“I am very thankful for the men and women who leave their family to protect mine,” Davisson said in the post. “How sweet is this image. Five sons to look up to their father.”

Davisson said she was asked by a close friend, the wife of a trooper, to take the photos.

Christy Perry said her family was close to the Rebman family and wanted the photos after Trooper Daniel Rebman was killed when a car crashed into his patrol car alongside I-385.

“We’ve been a law enforcement family for 8 years and are very close friends of the Rebman family,” Perry said. “My husband and I were in the ICU with the family as he passed that day and have walked through the grief with them every day since. It’s a hard road to walk.”

She said law enforcement officers put a lot more on the line when they put on their uniforms each day than people realize.

“I want people to see what officers leave behind as they walk out the door each shift,” Perry said. “They sacrifice more than people realize. They miss birthdays and Christmas and anniversaries. They leave the ones they love to serve and protect complete strangers…all without any guarantee that they’ll make it home at the end of their shift. Our faith in God is what helps us let him walk out the front door at the beginning of each shift, praying he’ll make it back home to us.”

Perry said Davisson captured her heart in the photo set and hopes the photo Davisson posted will touch other hearts as well.

Davisson posted the photo on her business Facebook page on Tuesday and it quickly garnered more than 130 reactions.

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