Customers, McDonald’s staff wrestle over order of nuggets


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH/CNN) – A dispute over a fast-food order gets physical inside the drive-thru window, and it’s caught on tape. It happened at an Indianapolis McDonald’s.

Monique McNeely got a big wake-up call early Friday at a McDonald’s near downtown Indianapolis. “It was, it was a little bit disturbing at first but I knew that if I got it on video that I’d be able to help the individuals inside the McDonald’s,” McNeely, a witness, said.

Cell phone video taken by McNeely shows a silver car, but the driver and passenger of that car are nowhere to be found, except in the drive-thru window. “They did it with such tenacity and force, so it really did scare me. I thought they were robbing at first, I thought they were robbing the McDonald’s there,” McNeely said.

Moments later they are seen climbing out of the window, yelling and screaming at the manager before driving off. “I couldn’t even imagine being one of the workers and seeing somebody coming into that window like that. That would really freak me out,” she said.

The manager said the woman pulled up to the second window of the drive-thru and said they hadn’t been given all of the nuggets they ordered. The manager says they placed an order for four nuggets, not 10, and even showed them the receipt.

They asked him if they could place an order now, and the manager told them they would have to drive around and order at the sign board. According to a police report, the manager told them to have a nice day, and that’s when the situation escalated.

“All I knew that I had to just keep on rolling and keep on shooting that video because it was going to help the individuals inside, especially that last bit of that video because that’s when I captured the license plate number,” McNeely said.

The damage inside the restaurant included to the register, along with a knocked-over basin of tea. The manager was not injured. Police are investigating.

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