Lindsey Graham says ‘I am going to blow up the freakin’ place’ to Congressmen impeding increased military spending


More pilots, more fighter jets, and more money for the military is what U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is preaching and promising to fight for in Washington.

On Friday, Graham met with the Air Force Chief of Staff, General David Goldfein, at McEntire Joint National Guard Base to prove it.

Graham (R- SC) announced his hopes for military expansion, including Air Force expansion. He wants more F-35 fighter jets on base, too. He says he’s going to fight to do away with caps on military spending in Washington this December.

“I am going to blow up the freakin’ place. If you want the government to shut down because we can’t pass a budget, then keep the defense caps in place. I will do everything in power along with Congressman Wilson to make life miserable for anybody that wants to go back to sequestration levels of defense spending,” Graham said.

He announced that during his visit, he took a call from President Donald Trump and requested more planes at McEntire.

Sen. @LindseyGrahamSC says he took a phone call from @realDonaldTrump during this visit to McEntire & asked for more planes

— Ashleigh Holland (@AshleighHNews) October 27, 2017

Graham has gone from foe to friend to President Trump; but when asked if he’s ‘cozying’ up to him, he denied it. He says he simply shares his military philosophy.

“It is now time to put something behind those words, and that means rebuilding the Air Force,” Graham said, “I like his attitude about what the military should be about. It should be big and strong and capable. We don’t want war, and the best way to avoid a war is to deter it. So, when it comes to being Commander in Chief, I think he’s done a hell of a job.”

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