More Carolina Water Service customers complain about ‘brown, bubbly, and smelly’ water


It’s a problem you could be facing soon, too: brown, bubbly, and smelly water pouring out of the faucets in your home.

Several Carolina Water Service customers say this is a real problem that is widespread in the Stonegate neighborhood where dozens of neighbors who live there want answers.

Almost every person that lives here on South Hampton Street says brown water – is a big time problem here. They say that they have lived with this problem for years but only recently it’s getting worse.

“It’s is just sickening. It’s ludicrous to turn your faucet on and it is brown,” resident Sari Powell said. “That is not right.”

Powell posted her frustration on Facebook with several pictures of the water coming out of the faucets inside her home.

When it comes to drinking or using the tap water, many folks here say they spend hundreds of dollars a month on bottled water instead.

For years, some residents here have even complained to the utility company Utilities Inc was also known as Carolina Water Service, but say the problem is never solved, only temporarily fixed.

“Is it our responsibility for us to put in a $3,000 system so we can have drinkable useable water?” resident Brian Dobbe said.

Carolina Water Service sent a statement Thursday afternoon apologizing for the inconvenience and promise to investigate for a solution and eliminate the well water system altogether.

But residents say it simply does not fix the problem. How could this be impacting you as well? We will tell you tonight at 11.

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