FBI and DEA visit classrooms: Pledge against gun violence


The FBI and DEA may have visited your child’s classroom recently, but it was for a good cause.

Thousands of students took a pledge against gun violence.

Joe Brewer from the U.S Attorney’s office sat down to explain the pledge.

“It’s terrifying the increasing incidences of guns in our schools,” Brewer explained. “And as we’ve seen it in the news, it always ends with severe, brutal consequences.”

October 18 is referred to as the “Day of Concern” – a day the Department of Justice and U.S Attorney’s Office hopes will impact students beyond just 24 hours. More than 10,000 students signed the pledge this year to “never bring a gun to school or settle a problem with a firearm.”

Brewer was one of the classroom speakers this year, explaining to students different ways to find an identity.

“You’re wanting to find an identity – find it in your sports, find it in your academics or your music or whatever,” said Brewer. “Don’t let guns be a place for your identity.”

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