Coastal Carolina Boy Scouts CEO supports decision to admit girls


The Coastal Carolina Boy Scouts of America CEO is in favor of the organization’s decision to start accepting girls.

National officials said the decision comes after years of requests of girls wanting to join.

Boy Scouts for America (B.S.A.) has been around for more than 100 years. They will allow girls to join cub scouts for the first time starting in 2018.

The organization said it will deliver a program for older girls that is projected to be available by 2019.

Stephen Duke, the Director of the Etiwan District Cub Scout Day Camp through BSA, has been a part of Boy Scouts nearly all his life.

“The way society has gone it’s a step in the right direction,” Duke said.

Before Wednesday’s vote to accept girls, he already created what he called “Girl’s Experience Day” where girls can do what the cub scouts do including outdoor activities like camping and archery.

“With two daughters who were going to be there I wanted them to enjoy it just as much that the boys do,” Duke said. “I didn’t want them just to sit there and be in a babysitting environment.”

He also has a son and the difference now is that his girls and others will be able to earn an Eagle Scout rank, the highest in B.S.A.

Lagare Clement is the Scout Executive for Coastal Carolina.

“I think this is an exciting opportunity for us, I think we are going to be filling a need that our community has to have this program for the girls,” Clement said.

He said a lot of times a scout’s family will attend a den meeting and they’ll have sister’s that might come along as well. Now the girls will be able to participate in activities.

Girl Scouts of the USA officials have criticized the idea and have suggested the change to allow girls was because of low enrollment and financial reasons.

“It’s easy for parents who are busy now to go to one spot and be able to do all the activities at one location in one night,” Duke said.

While girls will be allowed, the small groups of scout members known as dens will remain separated by gender. We’ve reached out to the Girl Scouts of USA local headquarters for a response to today’s decision. We have not heard back.

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