Parents want answers after child falls from top of a Myrtle Beach daycare’s playset


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A 3-year-old girl was unconscious for more than 20 hours following an incident at a local daycare, and the child’s parents are now seeking answers.

According to the parents, staff at Bright Beginnings daycare near The Market Common originally said their daughter fell from the bottom of a slide.

“I got there, I heard a child screaming, which sounded like mine, so I went to the classroom and when I got there the daycare owner and teacher were trying to get her to stand,” said mother Christina Byrd. “The owner of the daycare said, ‘Well we have the video and it happened around 5 and that she slid down the slide, got to the bottom, and fell face first onto the mulch.’”

However, the parents said their daughter’s injuries didn’t match the story. That’s when they demanded to see surveillance footage.

That video shows 3-year-old Melissa falling off the top of the playground equipment. A worker was not aware of the incident until another child saw the girl on the ground and went to help.

Byrd said she arrived shortly after to pick up her daughter, and when she saw her injuries, she took her to the hospital.

According to Byrd, her daughter was unconscious for 20 hours in the hospital, and if she didn’t take action herself, the injuries could have been much worse.

“About five minutes after a CAT scan, she fell asleep and became very lethargic. At this point, she couldn’t talk or walk. She fell asleep and didn’t wake up … until the next afternoon,” Byrd said. This happened probably about 7 o’clock that evening and she didn’t wake up until the next afternoon. The only way we could get her to respond was pressure points on her feet.”

On Saturday, daycare staff told the parents that they could watch the surveillance video. Byrd stayed at the PICU with her daughter while her husband went to Bright Beginnings.

When he arrived, they gave him an “ouch report” that said their daughter “fell and busted her lip on the slide.” The parents said the daycare also had two Myrtle Beach police officers waiting.

“The daycare owner said police were for her protection. She said it didn’t happen the way the teacher told her,” said Byrd. “I was in disbelief, shock. So many emotions I don’t know which one to pinpoint. No parent should have to go through that.”

Daycare staff refused to comment on the incident.

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