Lowcountry residents continuing to get food, water in preparation


The rush to get groceries and supplies has not slowed down as folks are preparing for the possible impact Hurricane Irma could have.

“I’m going to have that faith that it won’t hit us. But just in case, I’m out getting a little water and bread,” said Annette McCoy, a resident of North Charleston.

McCoy lived through Hurricane Huge and said she’s preparing early in case Irma hits us.

“We don’t know what direction is going to hit and that’s what everyone is waiting on,” McCoy said. “So instead of waiting, go ahead and get prepared anyway in advance.”

And Annette isn’t the only one getting prepared.

There was a steady flow of people coming into the Food Lion off Dorchester Road throughout the day on Wednesday.

The store’s manager, Samantha Sullivan, said they’ve been ordering the needs early so they have everything available for our customers.

“There is still water and bread in the back,” Sullivan said. “We have more trucks coming in.”

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