Police trying to ID driver who hit car three times during apparent road rage incident


An extreme case of road rage left one woman with a totaled car and wondering what she did wrong.

The York County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the Aug. 29 incident. A spokesperson with the department says deputies respond on average to at least one road rage incident a week. However, this case was rather unusual.

Tashenena Mullinax says she and her friend were traveling on Highway 55 in Clover. She says they pulled up to a stop sign near Clover Middle School and an old white Ford Explorer pulled up right next to them, but in the left lane.

“This guy’s looking right at us, totally emotionless and totally heartless,” Mullinax said.

When the pair turned right, the man in the Explorer hit their vehicle.

According to the incident report, as they were trying to get away from the man, he rear-ended their car two more times within a three-mile stretch.

In the process, they took out a mailbox on Highway 55 and landed in a ditch.

“The guy just stops and looks at us and drives off,” Mullinax said. “Someone who would even think about doing this to someone, they need help.”

According to the incident report, there was a witness. However, no one caught a tag number. The only description given was an older model white Ford Explorer with a white male driver who had short hair and a beard.

Officers say they did recover a decorative front license plate and bracket from the accident scene. The plate said “Roger and Denise.”

According to the Incident report, the investigation is pending.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson said if you’re ever involved in an incident of road rage, the best thing you can do is try to get the tag number off the car.

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