Texas DPS adds new driver license requirement


Distracted driving continues to be growing issue for the state of Texas which is why new drivers can expect one more requirement before getting a license.

Starting September 1, adults ages 18 through 24 will have to add the Impact Texas Young Drivers (ITYD) course to their license requirements.

Right now those who want a Texas license must complete a 6-hour Adult Driver Education course prior to taking their skills exam.

“The overall goal for is to ultimately reduce the risk of people being involved in those crashes caused by distracted driving,” DPS Sergeant Cindy Barkley said.

Barkley says distracted driving has become a huge problem across our state, and is the number one killer of drivers in America.

Back in 2015, DPS developed a similar program which targeted teens 15 through 17 and now wants to focus on a new age group.

“We want to make sure people stay focus on that primary task of driving,” Barkley said. “Whether people are picking up that cell phone, reaching in the back seat for an object or attending to a passenger there, is so many things inside as well as outside a vehicle that can distract a person so this is what this course is trying to eliminate.”

Barkley describes the course as a one hour informational video which provides educational information on the dangers of distracted driving.

The videos also share real life stories of how distracted driving has impacted families and individuals.

This new requirement is free and can be found online.

A third course specifically for drivers 25 and older is in the works, and will be announced in 2018.

Until then, drivers who need to can take the ITYD course.

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