Update: Shot Lee Co. man identified


Officials with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the GBI are investigating an officer involved shooting that happened Tuesday morning at Spring Lake Estates mobile home park off Stocks Dairy Road.

About 1:30PM Tuesday, the shot man was identified as 29-year-old Christopher Blake Terry Officials said EMS was originally called to the location but called for back up from the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff said that when the deputy arrived on scene the man was not cooperating with his orders. The deputy told the man to drop his knife, but he did not.

“The sheriff told him at least five times to halt and to drop the weapon, and on the fourth time, instead of dropping his weapon, he bolted at the sheriff and he fired,” said a witness who didn’t want to go on camera. “You see it on TV all the time but to really experience it, I know what people go through now, I really do,” he said.

Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals says the incident began when EMS was called to the house on Keyridge Drive.

“They called a deputy to come out for assistance due to the fact that there must have been some kind of issue,” said the sheriff.

Rachals says EMS did not want to approach 29-year-old Christopher Blake Terry without the officer being on scene. Rachals says when the officer arrived, Terry was holding a knife. The sheriff says he was not complying with the deputy’s orders to drop that knife.

“He wasn’t following his orders, and the officer felt like he was advancing too much for him without taking a shot, and taking shots enough to get him down on the ground,” Rachels said. “And yes, that’s when he did [fire shots].”

The Sheriff says right now he supports his deputy’s decision, unless the investigation shows something different. The Sheriff’s Office called in the GBI for assistance immediately after the incident. They’ve been surveying the area since then.

“That way there is no interference on our part with what we need to help them do.”

The witness we spoke with says he’s happy with how the investigation is being handled. In the end, he says he supports the officer’s decision too.

“He had no choice. He did not want to. I could tell he was not trying to open fire on him but he had no choice,” he said.

RAW VIDEO: Viewer footage from the scene

SCENE FOOTAGE: Officers on scene of the Lee County Shooting

It wasn’t immediately clear how many shots were fired, but it was more than one.

Terry was transported to the hospital for treatment. His condition was not immediately available.

WALB’s Amanda Hoskins on the scene and will have more details as they become available.

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