What’s next for the historic Glendale Mill

GLENDALE, SC (FOX Carolina) –

Greg Wieserman runs a business focused on aerial photography. He likes to run his new aircraft through various tests near the Glendale Mill, which has been a local landmark that’s been around since the 1870’s.

“I actually use the area for a practice area because it’s in Class C airspace,” explained Wieserman.

In May he noticed something strange on the smokestack while flying his drone.

“I noticed it was cracked at the top and I didn’t think too much of it,” explained Wieserman.

Here is an image he took from his drone. He came back weeks later and did some more flying.

“That’s when I noticed the long crack,” said Wieserman. “There’s one side on the river and another crack on the side where the water tank is.”

He was worried for peoples’ safety who use the area for recreational purposes.

The Palmetto Conservation Fund owns the historic property. Mary Roe with the group says they’re looking for a permanent solution for the smokestack. Right now it’s been roped off.

“We’re keeping the site very safe,” said Roe, “Along with allowing the community to still enjoy the area. It’s a work in progress and we are doing our due diligence as quickly as we can gather information.”

Wieserman hopes the group can find a way to repair it to remind people of Glendale’s heritage.

“Dropping it, wrecking it, whatever, demolishing it, that’s the last thing I want to see,” said Wieserman.

Roe says she’s reaching out to companies around the state to see if they can repair the smokestack – or else be forced to demolish it.

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