Newberry’s Samsung jobs spark hundreds of inquiries


It’s been almost a month since the Samsung corporation dropped an employment bombshell in Newberry County.

The company announcing plans to create 954 jobs by taking over a former Caterpillar plant near I-26 and turning the building into a facility to make home appliances including washing machines.

Since then, more than a thousand people have sent emails asking about how to apply for the openings. The plant building has not been turned over to Samsung yet.

A small group of Caterpillar employees is still on site, finishing up work to prepare the structure for its new owners. Meanwhile, the county’s economic development director says Samsung will spend several days next month interviewing job applicants.

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Rick Farmer says that event will run from Aug. 8 through the Aug. 11 in Newberry.

A preliminary list of openings, mostly in management positions, is now appearing on the website. Most of the jobs appear to carry salary levels of $50,000 or more.

Additional job information is expected within the next few days on the website.

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