New option presented for East of the Cooper regional stadium


A new option for the East of the Cooper regional stadium was presented Wednesday evening during a Charleston County School District community meeting.

The district proposed putting the regional football stadium at the new Wando High School, adding the stadium around the existing practice field and track directly behind Wando High.

The new regional stadium is set to hold football games for Wando High School, the future Lucy Beckham High School as well as a future high school in Awendaw.

The original $18 million dollar option had the 6,000 seat stadium going up in the new Carolina Park neighborhood, which drew a lot of backlash from those living in the community.

“The challenges rose on option one, there were public concerns we wanted to make sure we took a look at every single option. So option two, we brought to light and developed it,” CCSD Chief Operating Officer Jeff Borowy said.

“There are limits to a residential neighborhoods capacity to absorb additional traffic, spill lighting, glare, noise from a PA system, a band cheering crowds and music from proposed concerts,” one Carolina Park resident said.

The new option would eliminate people crossing the road to get to the stadium, another concern that people living in the area had.

“The difference between option number one and two is option number two is people that park at Wando High School don’t have to cross Carolina Park Boulevard to get to the stadium,” Borowy said.

Two proposed areas are close in proximity to one another.

“The actual distance between the two stadiums it’s very much walking distance the length of a couple of parking lots,” Borowy said.

However some people say they hope plans continue to move forward in keeping the regional stadium at Carolina Park.

The second option, placing the stadium at Wando would be built around the existing practice field, would force the football team to go elsewhere to practice.

“That would mean our kids would be traveling elsewhere on a bus just to practice when we have the fields right there. That’s’ where they should have their practice,” the Wando mother said.

Those helping plan the future stadium said they are looking at options to offset the lack of practice space.

“We’re identifying the number of fields we need and the cost to up fit those fields to make sure Wando has the same number of opportunities that they do today,” Borowy said.

The CCSD Board will make a recommendation for a stadium location at Monday’s board meeting.

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