French Quarter stabbing death recorded, posted to Snapchat


A mother is crying for justice after her daughter was violently murdered in the French Quarter while dozens of people watched and some even recorded it.

Brittany Seymour, 22, was stabbed to death on June 15 in the 200 block of Decatur Street.

The NOPD arrested Daneisha Greene for Seymour’s murder. Greene has bonded out of jail.

As she grieves, Kimi Seymour has witnessed the videos and believes more people are responsible for Brittany’s murder.

“I believe all five of them need to be in jail, and it hurts me just to see those videos floating around and no one come forward,” Kimi said.

Some people posted the video to Snapchat, and others have even sent the videos to Kimi’s personal phone.

One Snapchat showed Brittany bleeding in the street waiting for emergency crews to arrive. Across the video the person who posted it wrote “Pray fa this city these lil girls crazy”.

“How could you record something so terrible like that? That means you don’t even have a heart. You don’t heart to do something like that, to record someone being stabbed and losing their life,” Kimi said.

After watching the video and seeing other women involved in the incident, Seymour wants more people charged in connection with her daughter’s death.

Seymour said she showed the videos to homicide detectives Monday.

Fox 8 inquired about the investigation and the department responded by saying there are no additional suspects identified or determined at this time and that the investigation is active and ongoing.

“I want the second young lady to be identified…so the NOPD can do their job and make an arrest. That’s what I want.” Kimi said.

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