More Portuguese man o’war wash up at Kiawah Island


Five Portuguese man o’war have washed up on the beach at Kiawah Island.

The island’s beach patrol reported the additional Tuesday.

Approximately 15 washed up on the beach earlier in May.

“There is a fair number that shows up every year,” town spokesperson Stephanie Braswell Edgerton said. She said the number this year is not alarming and the creatures usually wash up after periods of severe weather.

SCDNR officials urged people to be cautious as reports of man o’war sightings first surfaced.

The man o’war is a relative of the jellyfish, but DNR officials say its sting is more serious than a jellyfish sting and can, in some cases, require medical attention.

Officials advised people to avoid them in the water and ashore since they can sting even after they are dead.

The creatures also washed up on Sullivan’s Island in early May.

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