Mount Pleasant police assist in rescuing kitten from Ravenel Bridge, woman praises them as heroes


An officer with the Mount Pleasant police, and his wife with Animal Control, are being praised as heroes after rescuing a kitten from the Ravenel bridge on Friday.

Julie Kennedy took to Facebook to publicly praise the officers and their work. “God truly blesses people with amazing talents and careers to do beautiful things. The Bayles are a wonderful example of that and I am blessed to be a part of the community they serve.” Kennedy wrote in her post.

Kennedy said she was driving across the Ravenel bridge, when she noticed a small kitten in traffic.

She was concerned for the animal’s safety, and immediately called 911.

Officer Louis Bayles of the Mount Pleasant Police Department responded.

“Officer Bayles stopped his squad car on the Ravenel Bridge and with traffic still moving around him, he approached the kitten to try and get it to safety. As unpredictable as kittens are the scared kitten ran across traffic and underneath his squad car.” Kennedy went on to say.

The kitten settled on top of Officer Bayles’ fuel tank out of his reach, so Animal Control was dispatched to the bridge.

“Animal Control was notified of the situation and the officer sent happened to be none other than his very wife, Courtney Bayles. Together, they were able to rescue this sweet baby.” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said she named the kitten Courtney, after the Animal Control officer that saved her life.

Officers rescued this little kitten from the Ravenel Bridge this morning!

— Mount Pleasant PD (@MountPleasantPD) May 19, 2017

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