House bill could recognize gun permits from 16 more states


Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – More out-of-state gun owners with concealed weapon permits could legally carry their handgun in South Carolina under a bill approved by the House.

The House voted 85-23 on legislation recognizing permits issued by any state that likewise recognizes South Carolina’s.

The state already has reciprocity with 23 states. The amended bill would let permit-holders from 16 additional states legally carry while visiting South Carolina.

Republican Rep. Alan Clemmons’ bill initially called for “straight-up recognition,” meaning South Carolina would honor all states’ permits.

But GOP Rep. Eddie Tallon argued that’s not fair. The retired state law enforcement officer said “it’s not right for us to allow people to come into our state and carry with a CWP when they won’t allow” South Carolinians to do so.

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