Lexington police: Some crime is up, while vehicle collisions are down


What does the crime look like in your neighborhood? If you live in Lexington, the Lexington Police Department is making it easier for you to learn.

The department released its monthly crime statistics for April through their Comp Stats presentations. It’s a way for residents to find out exactly how many traffic accidents police worked, how many arrests they have made, and what crimes are spiking when and where.

The latest statistics show robberies, burglaries, and moving vehicle thefts are up in the month of April compared to the month of March. There were five burglaries in April compared to none in March. Shoplifting, DUI’s and vandalism are also on the rise early this year.

There is good news here, however. There were no homicides to report so far this year and assaults are slightly down. Collision reports dropped 70 percent in the month of April, according to police.

Lexington police said they’ve been gathering the data for at least 10 years and posting the statistics online for the community to see for just about one year.

Corporal Cameron Mortenson said it’s a way for people to see exactly what police focus on from day to day.

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