Is this your pet pig? This beloved pet roamed the streets of one Lexington Co. neighborhood


Seeing a lost pet in a neighborhood isn’t a STRANGE occurrence, but a lost pig? It’s happening in one Lexington County neighborhood.

Christine Delmater posted to Facebook Tuesday night a pretty simple question: “Anyone missing a pig in the Gibson Rd. area?”

It is unclear if the pig belongs to anyone, but the pig appears to be in good shape. Now, folks on Facebook are attempting to help the pig find its home.

The animal does not appear to be in distress – in fact, the pig seems pretty happy to be roaming this quiet cul-de-sac.

@Lexingtonmommy Tuesday evening entertainment lol

— Christine Delmater (@ChristineED83) May 3, 2017

BUT – the plot thickens! It appears Wilbur may have been caught but ESCAPED as well!

@TanitaDotWeb@ChristineED83@wis10 This was just posted on our FB about the pig. The plot thickens? ??????

— Lexington Mommy (@Lexingtonmommy) May 3, 2017

Do you know who this delicious, we mean, adorable pig belongs to? We’ll update this story once the pig has been returned to their rightful owners.

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