Railroad company expanding international footprint in Beaufort


A Parisian manufacturer is looking to expand its international footprint with a new North American headquarters.

After a lot of searching, the railroad manufacturing company, Geismar has decided to call Beaufort home. The Chamber of Commerce announced the company would be buying and redeveloping an old warehouse off Trask Parkway.

Geismar vows a capital investment of $2.9 million and the creation and maintaining of 50 jobs for at least five years.

“I think they were excited by the labor pool, the workforce, all of the residents who will make a difference, the closeness to the ports – the Charleston and Savannah ports – were great selling parts. As well as the building, 47,000 square feet on 30 acres. So, there’s plenty of room for them to expand and grow,” said Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce President Blakely Williams.

The chamber says this is the first major economic development in the past 10 years.

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