Restaurant Scorecard: Restaurant near perfect score, another cited for dishonestly


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – During a DHEC health inspection, one Myrtle Beach restaurant was found to be dishonest about what they are serving its customers.

Crabby George’s Seafood Buffet on North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, earned an overall score of 95. According to the report the inspector docked it points for having unlabeled oil and water squirt bottles. Flour stored in a bulk container in the dry storage area, was not labeled with a common name.

The restaurant says they were only operating for three days a week, during the winter, the plan to start busy season operations hours Friday.

Mr. Fry Restaurant located at 7th Avenue South in Myrtle Beach, was two points shy of a perfect score. Habib Safa, restaurant owner, says following the health guidelines is second nature to him.

“It’s actually second nature, it’s natural, you know the sanitation, the cross contamination, the various temperature holds, the temperature times for cooking, and holding foods, I’ve been doing this every since I was kid at my father’s restaurant, and I grew into it,” said Safa.

He says fresh food and great service has kept him in business for the past four years.

Safa added, “Everything is fresh, it starts with the ingredients and then it starts with the experience we don’t charge for everything, everything is kind of worked into the price, so it’s actually between the freshness of the ingredients and the experience, the attentiveness and service people are always coming back.”

The restaurant serves fried chicken, and is also a pizzeria morphed into one, described by the owner. A DHEC inspector observed one minor violation, Safa said.

“What the inspector found was the testing tabs for the PH scale to make sure your water your sanitation water for your rags and for your dishes was at the right PH level,” explained Safa. He says in the process of trying to re-open for the busy season, he couldn’t find them during the inspection.

Safa added, “I couldn’t find them anywhere and when she left I was able to find them, so I possibly could have got a 100!”

The inspector actually returned Friday afternoon for a follow up visit. The restaurant earned a high score of 98.

At the Original Shuckers Raw Bar, on North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, there were several violations.

According to the inspection report, dead bugs were downstairs in the dry storage area.

The inspector said the restaurant was not honest about what they were serving to their customers. They reportedly observed Swai was in place of Grouper; the inspector stated Grouper wasn’t found in the facility.

Wiping cloths were observed not being stored in sanitizer/buckets.

The inspector also observed the with food debris in between equipment, and grease build up observed under and behind equipment along the cook line.

Equipment on the cook line was observed with grease accumulation and food build up. Sides of equipment observed with grease dripping and buildup, according to the inspection report.

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