Teams and fans pack Bon Secours Wellness Arena for open practices


Basketball fans are at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena to see their favorite teams.

“I was born a Tarheel and I never got to see them play,” Robert Hooper said.

However, that’s about to change for Hooper and his family.

“We get to see NC and Seton Hall- the first two games,” Hooper said.

He and his nephew, Travis Hooper, are at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville for open practice-sessions.

“It’s a once in a lifetime chance for me,” Travis said.”I’m tickled to death about it.”

While Travis may be tickled about his ticket, 8-year-old Isaac Biggerstaff’s rooter is rooting for the Arkansas Razorbacks with his sooie call. He says he wants one thing from his Razorbacks.

“Them winning,” he said.

Biggerstaff’s grandfather, Teddy Nix, showed why he says being a Razorback is a gift.

“It’s Christmas time in Arkansas all the time,” Nix said as he sported an Arkansas Razorback Santa hat.

As they sooie calls rang out, so did the register at The Vault in Greenville.

“The business has just been growing and growing the same as Greenville,” Wayne Welden said.

He’s the owner of the store which carries paraphernalia from more than 100 colleges.

“We’ve got all the teams and whoever comes to town just about everybody is covered in our store,” Welden said.

Patrick Toates stopped by the store to buy a cap.

“I grew up playing basketball,” Toates said.

He has tickets to the North Carolina game and went to the tournament in 2002.

“I remember my parents surprised me and got me out of school,” Toates said.

This time, he wants the surprise to be a North Carolina national title, but who knows when it’s Mayhem in March.

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